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Detoxing the
Fashion Industry

This book is the world’s first guide for anyone - from brands to fashion lovers, to rid the industry of toxic chemicals with the goal to share knowledge, bust myths, and shine a light on innovations in development, as well as obstacles that still need to be addressed. 

Learning made easy

Why are there chemicals in my clothing?

Are they dangerous?

Frequently asked questions Frank Michel, Executive Director of The ZDHC Foundation, answers in his book: Detoxing the Fashion Industry

Chemicals are not good or bad - we are made of chemicals. The air we breathe is chemicals, the water we drink is chemicals! However, as we all know some chemicals are toxic and some must be used in moderation. (Just drink too much wine and you’ll realise too much of a good thing can make you sick -  or worse!)

In fashion, chemicals are used to colour clothing, but also make it functional. Chemicals make a piece of clothing shiny, water-resistant, colourful, and durable, and throughout each step of the fashion supply chain, chemicals are involved. 

This book is hopefully as engaging and insightful for industry professionals as it is for fashion lovers and sustainability supporters. It aims to accelerate change across the fashion industry and beyond. The fashion industry is a trendsetter, and it must be a trendsetter for good.

If you're interested in sustainable fashion or sustainability in general this book is for you!

  • Gain insights in the fashion industry's supply chain
  • Why do we actually use chemicals, their role, and potential ways to improve how it currently works
  • Enhance customer experience and supplier relationships

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